DECENTDAHLIAは、あなたの扉を拓く始まりのシンボル。DECENTDAHLIA is the symbol which starts to open your door.
DAHLIAは日本名で天竺牡丹(テンジクボタン)と言います。DAHLIA… in the language of flowers, “capricious, insecure, gorgeous, elegant, dignified.”
その花言葉は『移り気・不安定・華麗・優雅・威厳』If that flower language is expressed as a woman, “Capricious and insecure, like a girl, gorgeous and elegant like a lady and dignified like a mother.”
この花言葉を女性に表せば『女の子の様に移り気で不安定で、女性の様に華麗で優雅で、そして母の様に威厳である』DECENTDAHLIA means “a woman above reproach”, that is expressing “the body of a mother, pregnancy.”
DECENTDAHLIAとは『非難される事のない女性』を意味しており、それは『母体・妊婦』を表現しています。All of us have passed through our mothers body to be born into this world, it is a universal shape. The one who cannot criticize is you yourself, who was born from a mother’s body.

誰もが母体を通りこの世に生まれて落ちる普遍的な形。非難する事ができない存在は、母体から生まれた自分自身。As you face yourself, your door will open widely.
自分と向き合う事で、あなたの扉は大きく拓く。DECENTDAHLIA expresses your “New departure.”
DECENTDAHLIAは、あなたのNew departure(新たな始まり)を表現しています。
To each and every new beginning in this world where you exist.



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